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Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
this did was behind it all. >> it is important to note that our sources tell us detectives do not believe this is a copycat type plot. however, police said the student attended laurell high school. >> authorities believe this was a credible threat, in part because of items they say they found in the student's locker. police say monday laurel students were so concerned about disruptive behavior coming from a classmate, they told teachers, who reached out to authorities. >> references to shoot and kill were made. >> police say that found suspicious items in the juveniles locker, like drawings and lists. >> that found these materials and some diagrams, charts, analysts and things in the student's locker. the fact that he had access potentially to weapons, could lead a pretty awful situation. >> authorities say the student has been hospitalized and is undergoing emergency mental evaluation. >> it is really not to be taken lightly. >> in light of the unspeakable violence at a connecticut elementary school, many are grateful that the students came forward. >> i am grateful that they let the tea
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
will be used to invest in measures to protect against future disasters. more funds to open down the road depended on further damage assessment. >> coming up, an attempted steal thousands. police say someone tried to blow up an atm machine. >> starbucks can be expensive and not. we will tell you what the company wants you to spend $400 this holiday season. on one item. >> the showdown over the fiscal cliff. a new poll suggests president obama has the american people's support when it comes to taxing the wealthy. this poll shows nearly half of those surveyed once bush eras tax cuts to expire for those making more than $250,000 a year. the poll was taken last weekend. the questions did lean more to the men -- to the democratic party. eric cantor says republicans want to sit down with the president and talk specifics. president obama spoke with business executives, calling for a balanced approach combining taxes with cuts. the president rejected a gop counter offer, which targeted government cuts but did not add any new taxes. if the deal is not reached by january 1, everyone's taxes will go
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
tonight to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. what is the latest? no deal tonight in the u.s. senate. continuing, are though, between the vice president and mitch mcconnell. in a rare sunday night session -- i think the enormity of the issue is very clear. >> u.s. senators gathered to solve a self-imposed crisis. their plan to carve out a compromise dissolved. >> there is no simple issue that impossible sticking point. we are willing to make difficult concessions. >> come january 1, tax hikes and budget cuts go into effect. >> regardless of differences, top priority has to be to e that taxes on middle- families do not go up. >> the plan before the senate tax -- would eight prevent a tax increase. clear differences remain. seene odds are we have not the leadership on either side of e to solve this problem. is a contraction economy. loss of jobs which could be well in addition to the people already on unemployment. >> the senate reconvenes 11:00 on monday. the president's heerview earlier today, the issue of guns. the president said the day of newtown shooting was the t of his presiden
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
this evening. >> he used to be a good friend mine. we used to talk a lot. year said this school to him.g happen >> he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. today students say the 17- senior hit rock bottom. though he was suspended he inside school. officer told him he there, supposed to be outside, and found a in his backpack. ready for war." a tweet just before his arrest --d parents say this came as a shock. never had concerns or like that. is upsetting. >> some students did not find until a letter sent, at the the day. >> i was pretty shocked because did not think anything like would happen. >> friends say this is sad. >> he used to be a good kid. bringing a weapon to school is not right. >> police say he did not have any bullets. the gun was in bad shape and not sure he could the fact and again made it to school property. will spend the in custody and he has a >> thank you very much. we have learned an elementary is indicted on pornographyhild charges. he taught special education students in chantilly. he access to a child pornography website and had images of with sexua
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
. a reporter joins us from northwest. this is a movement that got its start online? >> it did. they are getting organized social media around the country in light of the tragedy. they called himself a joint end gun violence. >> shame on the nra. >> protesters are taking their message to the streets. we find it a complete want toy that they gun an issue such as the violence and and more guns into the equation. this issue was raised on that to avoid the , there shouldtown be more guns in school. as parents, we do everything o keep our children safe. it is time to assume responsibility for our schools. protesters say the idea makes no sense. you give people guns in end up havingill dead kid. >> some here are longtime anti- .un activists others are horrified by the loss in the newtown slugging. .> i think it is sad these awful tragedies have to happen before it kicks us in the rear. it is a huge opportunity to hit .he reset button on gun laws there is a much larger being organized through for that million march in the mall double take place in february. it is designed to keep our sure on congress a
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
be nice if the king to a compromise. >> gave us their take. many worry about the tax increases that could kick in. and they are angry we are four days a out with no deal. >> it is ridiculous. this is a necessary. >> while the republican senate minority leader is staying positive the democratic senate majority leader warns -- >> whatever we come up with is going to be imperfect and some people are not going to like it. >> the president says if a big deal cannot be reached, he wants at least a smaller deal to keep middle-class taxes from going up and to extend unemployment benefits. >> at this point, i just hope they get something done. >> click on need to come together and come to an agreement. both sides are at fault. >> reitman, this is the plan for the weekend. the senate plans to go into recess tomorrow so staff members can work on a deal. on sunday, the senate and possibly the house will reconvene and maybe vote on the bill either that day or on monday. the deadline is basically monday night at midnight, when we go over into the new year. ups said the capital, abc 7 news. -- outside t
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm EST
it was better taking the train than driving. >> it's easier for us to catch the train so we don't have to deal with all the stuff. >> the choice was between the train and flying. >> it was the first time i had to take the train. i usually fly. and the plane was quite expensive this year. >> amtrak set an all-time record for passengers this past thanksgiving and over this past year as a whole. a spokesperson said starting this last thursday it added extra passenger scars to is train. it won't go back to normal capacity until january 2nd. although train ridership is growing, it isn't for everyone. milton said there's no way he would ride amtrak to visit his family all the way to ohio. >> it takes too long. a 13-hour trip to cincinnati. >> according to aaa driving is the number one way people travel during christmas time. it seems that trains are gaining a little bit this year. locally flying is up but nationally it is down. it looks some of those folks have chosen to take the train instead. >> thank you for that. we've been asking the question -- are we
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
will to laws. cun the man who gunned down used an assault style rifle. need assault weapons. newtown resident is on law makers to curb n violence. well three prominent gun announced they are rethinking their position on . n laws n.r.a. gave for their stance rights. e when these children wer aside the can put and d's and realize there reasonable approach to to some of ss weapons. we can talk all we want and talking for years. can't wait for another does before somebody something. this debate erupted once again. counter protester looks this issue much differently. the sans to allow principals to themselves. ed gun lobby is not talking. not responding to requests for comment. hearing that for an on calling ban could be capitol hill e on early as 2013. also in our region mcdonald wants the to review school security policies. in comes as schools increase police atrols following the shooting. task force to needed funding. us for complete for instant go to and will have more about up.investigation coming negotiations over the iscal cliff. it appears president house speaker john h
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
. boston that is the weather maker that brought us the wet snow earlier today, not much accumulation, the high pressure moving in from the west. the wind is really beginning to pick up. if the wind gusts 25-30 continuing to increase as we go over night and early morning hours. tomorrow morning, if you have to walk the dog definitely bundle up. 25-32, but with the wind out of the northwest at 15-25, it will feel like the upper teens. coming up, we will talk about the forecast for the rest of the year into 2013, and if you are headed to the big football game tomorrow night, what to expect. >> just three days until the country reaches the so-called fiscal cliff, and the deal could be coming together as soon as tomorrow. richard reeve joins us from the newsroom. what we are hearing is this deal may not cover everything? >> that is right, the temporary payroll tax cut is set to expire, affecting everyone getting a paycheck. we are told senate leaders are trying everything, private conferences, phone call, email trying to hammer out a deal before the deadline. the clock is ticking, just th
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
what many of us do every day -- riding a bus in d.c., when they were gunned down. >> live in southeast with a top story -- we are learning she had just boarded the bus when this happened. >> sacha said story. the bus came to stop. that is the bus stop right there -- that is not the one where the shooting happened, that is a block away. the suspect shot multiple times, hitting not just the mother and killing her, but hitting his baby boy. >> it is ridiculous. it is ridiculous. sad. >> neighbors say what happened on this metro bus in at minnesota avenue was heartbreaking. -- before i know it, there was a baby that got shot. >> police say a woman was on the bus while holding her baby girl. in anthony street opened fire, killing the woman. >> why do you have to die because someone do not want to agree with an? >> police say the baby was also shot but was a conscious when taken to the hospital. it happened at this bus stop on 18th streert and minnesoata avenue southeast. the bus driver drove away from the shooter and not stop until reaching 19th street. >> he tried to get us to safety as qu
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10